Barbering Courses Durham | Durham Barber Schools | House of Gentlemen
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Barber Shop Academy and Finishing School

Barber education is one of the fastest growing and most sought after trades amongst young professionals. Floor 1 will see the launch of our very own in-house academy; training barbers to the highest service in order that they can provide the most professional and impeccable service to our clients. The House of Gentleman is dedicated to the highest quality service, offering extensive training courses, including health and safety, preparation techniques and aftercare. Our barbers have 30+ years of experience, so you can guarantee you’ll be in safe hands.

  • Cutthroat Shaving

    • Health & Safety
    • Product & Razor Training
    • Bone Structure
    • Skin Care
    • Demonstrations
    • 6 Models Through the day. (not provided)
    • (Every shave day we have done over the last 5 years have been completed in one day)

  • Bespoke Barbering

    • Health & Safety
    • Client Consultation
    • Head Shape
    • Clipper work
    • Scissor work
    • Clipper/Scissor Over Comb
    • Blending
    • Adding Texture
    • Tapering
    • Styling

  • Advanced Barbering

    • Health & Safety
    • Client Consultation
    • Combining Shapes
    • Fades
    • Working With Disconnections
    • Use of straight Razor Within a Haircut
    • Adding Texture
    • Styling