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In case you hadn’t noticed, barbering is back, and its here to stay, but House of Gentleman is not your typical hair stylists. With a wealth of experience, we’re different from women’s saloons and budget barbershops, offering the full experience with a superior cut. Jim Morrison said, ‘Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts’, so find a lad that you can trust. Our barbers have been in the game longer than some of you have been alive with over 30 years experience under their belt. So sit back and let the magic happen.


  • Reform

    Sharpen up with a short and snappy reform. No appointment needed.

  • Line Up & Neck Taper

    Ideal for in between cuts, have your sides and neck tapered to get your edge game back on point.

  • Crew Cut

    Your classic cut: clippers only, finished with a sharp razor.

  • Maintenance Cut

    Getting your haircut should never be seen as a chore, but its gotta be done. Get your fresh trim, finished with a sharp razor and product.

  • The Works

    Consultation, shampoo and conditioned, cut, rinsed, styled and product. Neck finished with a sharp razor. You couldn’t ask for anymore.

  • Something For The Weekend

    Want to look suave for your Friday night? Look no further. Get your consultation, cut, styled and beard shaped, hot towels, lather, straight razor, moisturise and finish.

  • Chemical Straightening

    Unruly curls? Do away with your straighteners, this treatment relaxes those kinks and resets them to a straight and sleek look.


Precision Beard Sculpting

  • The Full Straight Razor Shave

    There are not many things manlier than a straight shave. Get your pre-shave, hot towel, lather, shave, hot towel, second pass, finished with a refreshed cold towel, massage.

  • Traditional British Hot Towel Beard

    Aside from being amazingly relaxing, the hot towel will soften your skin, making the shave smooth like butter and infinitely less irritating. Includes a beard trim, hot towels, lather, straight razor and moisturise to finish.

  • Beard Tidy

    Spruce up that beard to make you sleek and sexy in no time. Clippers only.

  • Hot Towel Facial

    Sit back and allow us the hot towels to deep clean your skin, open pores, relieve tight neck and shoulders. Includes hot towel, exfoliation, tone and moisturise.

  • Proraso Hot Oil Beard

    Proraso Hot Beard Oil is an intense and nourishing treatment for dry and coarse beards. We wouldn’t use anything else, a firm favourite of H.O.G.

  • Hair Colouring

    Salt & Pepper? Blend away those greys in a mere 5 minutes.

  • Full Colouring

    Facial hair can grow in a rainbow of colours. Take action and try our beard colour formula with no regrets.