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At the House of gentlemen, there is more than the eye beholds, delve a little deeper into the secret workings behind the scenes and realise a world of fantastic benefits.

As you start your journey with us you will first hand see the growth of our business. Help us achieve glory and reap the benefits to come.

0-250 Points

10% of all grooming products
£9.95 - 45 minute back, neck and shoulder
£9.95 - Manicure & Pedicure

250 - 750

10% discount off maintenance cut
10% discount off grooming products
10% discount off tattooing in the inking room
10% discount off All refinery room treatments

750+ Points

15% discount off maintenance cut
15% discount off grooming products
15% discount off tattooing in the inking room
15% discount off All refinery room treatments

Invite Only

Huge benefits in store, information only available once a ranking member.